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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bennett Model of Cultural Competence

This crazy photo was in the search results when I was looking for photos about culture competence. 

The Bennett scale, also called the DMIS (for Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity), was developed by Dr. Milton Bennett. The framework describes the different ways in which people can react to cultural differences.

This model is represented by a continuum that moves from ethnocentrism to ethnorelativism. Individuals and groups are often at different points on the continuum.

Stage 1: Denial

Denying that cultural differences exist.

Stage 2: Defense

Acknowledging that certain cultural differences exist, but because those differences are threatening to one's own sense of self, the individual constructs defenses against those differences. Three commonly used defense mechanisms are:
Denigration – negative stereotyping of another groups
Superiority – placing ones own group above others
Reversal – denigrating one’s own culture and idealizing others

Stage 3: Minimization

Acknowledging cultural differences, but trivializing them, believing that human similarities outweigh differences.

Stage 4: Acceptance

Recognizing and valuing cultural differences without evaluating those differences as positive or negative. This stage moves an individual from ethnocentrism to ethnorelativism.

Stage 5: Adaptation

Developing and improving skills for interacting and communicating with people of other cultures.

Stage 6: Integration

Valuing a variety of cultures, but constantly defining one’s own identity and evaluating behavior and values in contrast to and in concert with a multitude of cultures.