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Friday, May 17, 2013

European Americans Want it Both Ways

Vicki & Chuck Rogers flickr

European Americans complain about the very people who they want and need in the U.S. 

I was commenting on Yong Chan's post at CHANGELAB about Jason Richwine & the Asian American dilemma when I remembered I wanted to write this post which is also about how European Americans have some unusual logic. 

European Americans often complain about the culture and presence of non-Europeans, although White policies are selective of the cultures and peoples allowed into the U.S.

European Americans trafficked in Africans for their labor, forbid them to read, then complain about their educational level; treat them worse than animals, then complain about their culture which is now a culture living with Post Traumatic Stress and ongoing stress from the New Jim Crow.

European Americans flood the Mexican market with low cost U.S. corn and other crops and meats, causing Mexican farmers to loose the ability to sell their own harvest and meats and in turn seek employment in the U.S., then Latinos are demonized for their presence in the U.S. while they try to feed their family and survive NAFTA.

European Americans complain that they can't get into universities because students of Asian heritage take up seats. But immigration policies are written by a majority White congress in favor of college educated families.   

European Americans want privileges on top of their privileges.

European Americans want low cost labor, low cost products, easy access to excellent universities, no immigrants of color and no language spoken in the U.S. except English. 

And European Americans would like to continue their history of cultural genocides by shaming new immigrants into not speaking their native language.  

European Americans want privileges on top of their privileges on top of institutionalized racism.