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"Meet powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodriguez — a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. ...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Living in the U.S. - Pros and Cons

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

If you have the luxury of moving to the U.S., or moving out of the U.S. - here are some of the pros and cons to help decide if the move is right for you.

Benefits of living in the U.S.

Social Services

  • Free Fire Department - Mostly really good 
  • Free 911 - Can be used to document domestic abuse
  • Free Libraries - Check out books, DVDs, CDs FREE!
  • Free policing - Usually good, if you are European American or Asian American 

Job availability - the stability of the U.S. allows growing business markets

Low cost higher education - The community college system allows anyone to acquire skills that are in demand, and at a reasonable cost

Variety of Restaurants - especially if you live in a major metropolitan area

Huge Grocery Selection - Imported foods from all over the world

Freedom of speech - Although, your communications will be monitored.

Music and Art - You can see amazing artists at reasonable prices - and sometimes for free

Capitalism - If you have money, you can find a way to make more money.

Military Protection - The U.S. has an advanced military and will not likely be overrun by any deranged leader

All Volunteer Military - You are not required to join the military

Multiculturalism and Pluralism - In major metropolitan areas the culture is mostly open and friendly

Charity - There a a lot of churches in the U.S. Many cities have multiple churches where you can always turn to for help.

Religious Freedom - Freedom of religion is so strong that there is even a Church of Satan -- which actually doesn't believe in Satan but is atheist and believes in self worship which they call "I-Theist."

Negative aspects of U.S. culture

photo credit: satanoid via photopin cc

Gun violence - Gun deaths since Sandy Hook massacre

  • Anyone can obtain a gun - In most states, background checks at a gun store can take a few minutes. (source Marketplace) Also, a loophole in the background check law allows individuals to sell their guns without running a background check on the person buying it. 
  • Stand your ground law - Allows anyone to shoot you because you appear to be a threat. States with 'Stand your ground' laws

Racism - List of active hate groups

New Jim Crow - If you are Black or Brown and live in a mostly Black and Brown neighborhood you will frequently be racially profiled by the police - or a neighbor. The police will stop you, question you, and frisk you because you look like you did something suspicious.

Prison Industrial Complex - If you commit a crime, you are likely to serve a long mandatory minimum sentence regardless of the subtleties of the case. Here's a list of all the mandatory minimum sentences in the state of Connecticut.

Death Penalty - You may receive the death penalty - even if you are innocent.

Military Industrial Complex - One of two political parties will usually be in power, either Democrats or Republicans. Both of which are pro military.

Limited LGBT Rights - States where LGBT marriage is legal.