• Migration is Beautiful

    "Meet powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodriguez — a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. immigration issues."

    - I am OTHER

  • Harvest of Empire

    The Untold Story of Latinos in America “We are all Americans of the New World, and our most dangerous enemies are not each other, but the great wall of ignorance between us.”

    Juan González, Harvest of Empire

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Migration is Beautiful | Favianna Rodriguez | I am OTHER

"Meet powerhouse artist/activist Favianna Rodriguez — a leading voice in the movement of artists raising awareness about U.S. ...

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Hi there!

Do you love to write or curate or have a passion for social justice?
We would love to have you contribute to Community Village.

Here is a list of topics that we are looking to cover. If you have a topic related to any of these, that will probably be fine as well.

  • Article for people who are new to social justice work
  • How to engage with people on the topic of social justice without judging them 
  • Questions to ask people who don't understand urgency of social justice struggle 
  • Interviews of agricultural workers, migrant rights leaders, immigration lawyers 
  • Book reviews and blog reviews on any of the topics above or below
  • New ways to explain and teach about Institutional Racism and oppression 
  • Connecting the dots between historical oppression and modern oppression 
  • How to discuss controversial topics and keep your cool 
  • How the myth that Europeans are superior is perpetuated by the media 
  • How the myth that people of color are inferior is perpetuated by the media 
  • How influenced we are by our parents and older siblings. 
  • Interview children who had racist parents and ask how they children dealt with it  
  • Calling out 'racist' is not fixing the problem. 
  • How many nations think they are superior and then ignore oppression of others 
  • What is considered police brutality? 
  • Is there room for niceness on the police force?
  • Forms of oppression 
  • Oppressed who have become oppressors
  • Oppression by ethnic heritage 
  • Oppression by hair 
  • Oppression by skin color 
  • Oppression by accent 
  • Immigration Reform 
  • Migrant Rights 
  • War on Drugs 
  • New Jim Crow 
  • Stop and Frisk 
  • Prisons For Profits 
  • Prison Industrial Complex 
  • Military Industrial Complex 
  • Criminal Justice Reform 
  • Economic Justice/Labor 
  • Racial Justice 
  • Civil Rights 
  • Anti-Violence 
  • Affirmative Action 
  • No Child Left Behind 
  • Imperialism 
  • Capitalism 
  • Economy 
  • Continuums and Clines
  • Ethnographies such as this or this
  • Anthropology 
  • U.S. History 
  • African-American History 
  • Chicano History 
  • Asian-American History, Vincent Chin
  • Irish-American History, East Coast Railroads
  • English-American History, Samuel Colt
  • German-American History
  • Good inventions that do bad, Gatling gun
  • World History 
  • See more topics under 'Labels'

As a contributor you will have
  1. Your name mentioned and linked to on the Contributor's page.  
  2. Links to your chosen sites added to your article. 
  3. A link to your blog added to our Blogroll 
We are also looking to hire through elance (or odesk or peopleperhour) individual contractors to post weekly for each of the topics below related to the topics above.
  1. Art and poetry reviews
  2. Blog reviews: Abagond, Change Lab
  3. Movie, Music, Video reviews
  4. Book reviews: The New Jim Crow, Ethnic America

Please contact me on @getgln or via our web form, and also check our growing community at CommunityVillage.us

In appreciation and respect,

Glenn Robinson
Founder of Community Village, MixedAmericanLife.us and 500Nations.us