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Monday, July 8, 2013

Are Nationalists the new Segregationists?

by Glenn Robinson

For most of U.S. history there have been segregationists. Today you don't hear of them so much because times have changed - or have they? 

Can it be that the those families who used to preach separate but equal, are now the families who are anti-immigrant? I say families because xenophobia is taught, and I feel sorry for any children born to racist or xenophobic parents. 

Before the Civil Rights act of 1964 outlawed segregation, the white majority were open about their desire to keep the races separate. When the Supreme Court ruled that is no longer acceptable, what happened to the feelings of "us vs. them" that the segregationist had? 

Those people are still prevalent in the U.S. 

Here is where they re-focused their energy:

  1. Segregate by building more prisons (New Jim Crow)
  2. Fill the prisons by creating a "War on Drugs" - which is a war primarily on black and brown people. The stop-n-frisk statistics prove it. 
  3. Continue defacto school segregation by limiting public school attendance based on residential zip codes. 
  4. Segregate the U.S. from the brown "others" by building a wall at the U.S. Mexico border
  5. Increasing ICE raids to segregate Hispanic Latinos out of the U.S.  
PS - A nationalist is someone who thinks their country is better than any other country (a kind of national racism). Patriotic is the positive word to describe those who love their country.